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Hello Everyone!

We are very excited to give an update on all that is going on with Charles. We have been blown away by the generosity of all those who have joined in on this effort. Charles is working with two regular jobs and happily living in his new home. He is, as always, still ready to receive any calls for hauling opportunities! So when spring cleaning rolls around give him a shout! He is very happy, but still adjusting to all this “newness.” He continually thanks all of you but has a spirit that desires to work hard to achieve his goals personally. He continues to push for this and is grateful for the assistance that was needed at the time and honestly this is why we love him. He is a great man!

Thank you to all of you for joining the Unsung Team and for being a part of Charles’ Story! Charles is unbelievably grateful for all your generosity! Look for the next story in just a few days!